What if you NEVER ate meat?

With the rise of veganism/vegetarianism, it was interesting to see a video touch on a subject of such controversy with some research and intelligence, making it consumable for the masses.  Why is it so controversial?  Well, the food you eat contribute significantly to your lifestyle, no one wants to believe they're living "the wrong lifestyle".  

Let's face it, our opinions on food, what's healthy and what's not, is typically the result of watching one documentary, or seeing whatever we see on Twitter.  There's very little research, if any, to incite a lot of conversation about this subject.  Let's see what happens when professional researchers, research. 

Meat is full of protein.  This is what you'll hear most of the time when people rationalize why they eat meat.  The video quickly jumps into "you apparently don't really need meat" and he says it in a shy "please don't be mad at me" way.  This is because 97% of the country eats meat.  The truth is, the average vegan diet replaces these few requirements meat provides, such as beans, green veggies, and soy.  

The negative affect to your health?  Temporary bloating while your body adjusts to the bacteria in your gut adjusting to a new diet.  After that, you'll feel healthier, probably lose wait, and have more energy.  Risk of developing heart disease drops 25%, while your risk in getting cancer drops as well.  

If you go through the comment section, not surprisingly, the conversation is MASSIVELY ego driven, rather than fact driven.  I found very few comments inciting facts, or even using the facts provided in the video that they're commenting on.  Where does this disconnect/stubbornness come from?  I think it's similar to the need to share religion.  I haven't been approached by a Christian in forever about needing to convert, but some people do feel the pressure.  Christians believe if you don't believe in God, you burn forever in the after life.  That alone, should explain why it seems important for their friends and family to become Christian.  People want to protect living creatures whether that be your fellow human, dogs, cats, pigs, or cows.  This subject unravels to a shocking, controversial, catastrophe, so I'm gonna end the blog here, and dedicate another blog to the darkness of the subject.