Can You Travel if You're Poor? | Victim Mentality: part 1


This is one of my favorite subjects so I will turn this into a series.  Do we all experience the victim mentality?  I think from time to time we do, or have.  The subject of "why" we feel victimized is subjective between the individuals and can link back to an infinite number of causes.

I posted this video because it's an interesting subject, although, i'm more interested in the top comment: "How do I get a ton of money so I can do the same?"  This is the comment that most people who engage the video agree upon.  Is he actually curious?  No.  It's passive aggressive, but from what I've seen on Youtube, a lot of people who choose to engage, talk like this.  I'm sure most people who engage in these comments would agree that there is some level of unfairness in the way their lives have turned out.  I would agree.

It's unfair I have the ability to upload this blog, it's unfair I have the ability to access the internet, it's unfair that I can afford 3 meals a day, it's unfair that I'm born with 0 mental or physical handicaps.  These are luxuries most of the world don't understand (less than 50% of the world have access to internet).  

My point is perception is important.  If you live in America you live in THE richest country in the world, number #1 out of 195.  That's pretty damn lucky.  I don't mean to criticize, I mean to hopefully add a small nugget of helpful advice.  Regardless of how unfortunate you are, someone is struggling more, the more confident you are, the more successful you will become, the more victimized you feel, the harder it will be for you to appreciate money, business, friends, work, and struggle.  These are experiences we should ALL learn to appreciate, if we want to live the versions of our lives that we aspire to.